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80M - 4 Elements
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AlfaSpid Rotators AZ & AZ/EL
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Updated 01Nov2014
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SI units - Torque, Mass, Wind load etc.

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RAS and Big RAS in stock
RAK and BIG RAK in stock

Alfa Radio Ltd.
the only supplier of the high quality
AlfaSpid rotators.

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Alfa Radio Ltd. Company overview

AlfaSpid Rotators are approved
New AlfaSpid low cost - RAU Rotator - with full digital and remote control.
New multi function controller MD-01

AlfaSpid Price list 01 Nov 2014 here in PDF Updated 01Nov2014 Alfa Radio Ltd. New Used-Consig List AlfaSpid - RING ROTATORS TO FIT ROHN 45/55 AND 65 NOW AVAILABLE - contact us.
For using the AlfaSpid Rotators on your next Dx-Pedition, contact us.

                               AlfaSpid Rotators in action
                  RAS & Big RAS      Alfa Spid Ring     RAK & Big RAK

Ring      AlfaSpid AZ rotator RAK

AZ/EL RAS      AZ Controller
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AlfaSpid Rotators with Torque to spare

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Ask about our demo units.
We have a limited number of discounted demo units from trade shows and DxPeditions.

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