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Bio and operator information

      Oleg Sakharov - Chief of Bellingshausen station.
      Radio engineer.
      Home call - UA1PBA (Amderma), licence from 1984, ex 4K1D, ex 4K1F, ex DP1ANF

      Alex Shmarin - Meteorologist.
      Radio operator.
      Home call - UA1PAW(Amderma), lisence from 1986

      Viatcheslav (Slava) Savkin - Technician.
      Antenna expert.
      Ex UA1PAI (Amderma) 1981 - 1993, UA3MKV - 1994.

      Quote taken from Email sent by Olge

      " As you can see, we are from Amderma, small town on the coast of Kara sea. Our club station was RZ1PWA that time. RK1PWA - right now. By the way, operator of R1ANC, Alan - UA1PAC, from Amderma, also. Alex and me " (Olge) "teached him Morse code when he was schoolboy. "

      Quote taken from Email sent by Olge

      " Hi, Jerry, Mitchell and Dominik.
      Just yesterday we visited R1ANF web site. Looks very nice. I hope it is interesting for people and usefull for “AlfaRadio” and “SteppIR”. Also was very nice to work with all of you, using rotator and antenna. I have to say that for us is looks like somebody cleaned durty window and we can see the world again! :-) Alex and me, we really enjoy it. Even Slava, who sad “Goodbye ham-radio” some years ago, started to wrk CW again and agree to participate our future small DX-pedition to Ardley island next week. Today I was using antenna on 16534 khz, with our supply vessel “Akademik Fedorov”, which stays near Progress station (abt 69s and 78e) Direction 160 degrees. Good result! They gave me nice report. I could say, that SteppIR is exactly right for Bellingshausen, cause we can use it not just for ham radio. And this is very important, belive me, my friends. Fine. Now some photos and information for web site"

Supporters of the R1ANF station
Pactor Group SCS
German DX Foundation
Mediterraneo Dx Club MDXC
EUDXF European DX Foundation
World Antarctic Program - WAP

AlfaRadio ltd.

Andor web services

Alfaspid Rotators


Personal Supporters of the R1ANF station
Andreas Ibold
Gianni Varetto
Enric "Ric" Stumpf-Sterling
Massimo "Max" Balsamo
& A.R.I. Section Mondovi

Emir Mahmutovic
Jerry Keller
Dominik "Dom" Weiel
J. Thomas Mitchell "Mitch"

Gus Smitka
Steve Icke
Marc de Brabandere
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