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Beacon Reception at VE6GPS

Location: Alfa Radio Ltd. 11211 - 154 St.
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. DO33en
Latitude: 53 33 41,     Longitude: 113 33 10.

The receiver is a ICOM-718. The antenna is a vertical thing.
This site may be off line at times during the testing phase. Data sync may be off by several minutes during the testing phase and until the equipment is moved. Data is updated via a Cron Job every 12 minutes.

Frequencies scanned are:
14.140 - 18.110 - 21.150 - 24.930 - 28.200
This site will auto update ever 12 minutes. Legend Site went active Nov 15, 2009
Last web site configuration update
2009 Dec 08 @ 01:19 UTC

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